02 December, 2009

Butterfly Inspiration! Circle Journal

I have got back the Circle journal that I was participating in with a group of girls over at Scrapbook Studio. I am so thrilled! The pages are gorgeous! Thank you girls!If you look at the tab on the right hand page you can see the name of the artist! (I havent learnt how to write under each photo!)


  1. Wow, your circle journal is abolutely stunning Sue!

  2. I loved doing your journal,it looks fab.Im looking forward to doing the next one now i have done my first one

  3. Hobby Horse ...(Jean)said...
    Busy lady with a never ending supply of inspiration. Your CJ is lovely a real treasure.

  4. Loved your journal so much Sue that I really did not want to send it back to you! :-D

  5. Lovely to see the finished CJ, it is great isn't it when you get it back!
    Cherie xx


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