11 October, 2010

Last project for Celebrate NZ comp!

For the last project in the Celebrate NZ competition at Scrapbook Outlet, we were sent a mystery product that we had to use! I cant say that I was thrilled when I opened the envelope to find a set of Kaiser wooden dolls!! Not what I imagined at all! For a start, it meant an 'off-the-page' project. Anyway after the initial "oh no!", I decided to get some positive thoughts happening!
 As Christmas is sneaking up all too fast I decided to "think decorations" and came up with this set of angels for the mantlepiece.
Actually, I am quite chuffed with them and even tho' its a tad early to start decorating, they can stay on the mantlepiece until after Christmas!


  1. Your Angels are gorgeous - I wonder too how many Christmas themed ones there will be...good luck for Wednesday!

  2. LOve them Sue. I would panic at an off the page project but you have nailed it. Christmas will be here before you know it anyway.. xx

  3. they are beautiful, love them sue!

  4. This is amazing Sue! You are a very clever lady! Sooo beautiful and angelic.
    Alicia xx

  5. Angels and Santas crossed my mind as well ... your angels are gorgeous! So very nicely dressed!

  6. Now they are just fabulous,what a clever girl you are


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