23 May, 2011


Well, SENZ is fast approaching and I am feeling a little excited because this year I am teaching a class! As my friends know, I just love sharing new ideas! I also love making my own flowers! So.. I have been playing with so many cool ideas and techniques to make lots of fabulous flowers for a handmade flower class!!
We ( at Scotties) have also come up with a cool clear box to carry them home in as well.
Here is a little sneak peek of some of the flowers:
I have been doing the odd LO and OTP as well, to give ideas on how to use all these beautiful blooms!!
If you are heading to SENZ and would like to join me at this class, just go to the Scottie Crafts website for the details.
Have a great day xx


  1. Hi Sue, I have booked in to your class and are so excited.. cant wait to meet you and is it true if we booked before the 31st we get $15 worth of free products from Scottie Crafts?? Or did I dream that? I am sure I read it somewhere but cant find it now..

  2. I'm really looking forward to meeting you too, Brenda! You are coming such a long way! So exciting! You are right about the free product! Anyone who books before May 31st will get a goodie bag to the value of $15. (I just rang Adrienne to check)

  3. Yay me too... WOW that is really generous of Scottie's, Yummy cant wait!!!My girlfriend is doing a class with Beverley so i must tell her..Yeap it sure is a long way but its our once a year... "Just gotta do this" iykwim..

  4. now that looks like a whole lot of fun ... shame I'm just a little geographically challenged ...


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