29 August, 2011

Foxy Lady

I did this layout of Aimee a couple of months ago (before SENZ - to showcase one of the flowers in my class) and havent got around to posting it. Jeff took this photo while they were out trying her new bike and wearing her new 'Fox' clothing, It has been so much fun for them having a sport they can now do together!
Cheers, Sue x


  1. Great photo's Sue, awesome colors and I spy one of your famous tags tucked in the back there. Pretty flowers too, Nice work..

  2. I love this LO. It is so bright and fun. The photos are cool too!
    Thanks for the fun flower tutorial last night. Natalie and I have been making flowers all afternoon and a few have already made it onto the layout that I was creating yesterday! Natalie has made hair accessories with hers:)


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