17 March, 2009

Beautiful Sedona

Well, so much to tell ! We have done so much in the last 3 days, but I’ll simplify, simplify!
Friday we arrived in Sedona, a beautiful very touristy town, at about 11am and were lucky enough to get onto a Pink Jeep Tour as someone had just cancelled! Now, these jeeps are PINK! We hadn’t counted on it being quite as cold as it was and had to rush into the “Pink Jeep” souvenir shop and buy something warm to wear. Bugger!! Anyway, looking the part for the tour we took off into the rugged red rocks of Sedona for a fascinating and at times, hair-raising trip. The red rocks are stunning and we had a wonderfully knowledgeable, witty guide. Our first absolute highlight! I’ve attached 2 of the 102 photos that I took!!

After lunch (at 2.30) and a look around some shops and a replica Mexican village full of boutique shops, with very boutique prices!, we moved on to Flagstaff, about an hour closer to the Canyon, where we had booked a hotel. Unfortunately, no-one had mentioned to us that a lot of the ground in Flagstaff is covered in snow and it could be an idea to take more than ¾ trou and sandals. By the end of the night walking home from a restaurant my toes were nearly as pink as the jeep! It was 2 degrees when we left next morning and beetle was covered in ice!
Forgot to mention, I was getting tired part way there and let Mike drive. OMG, I was so scared and he took a wrong turn which put us back on the freeway and we had to go a few more miles to get back off and backtrack! Of course he blamed my directions!!!!! Consequently, I drove for the rest of the weekend!

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