12 March, 2009

Found-Crafters heaven!

A couple of days ago Beetle and I bravely ventured out with Tomtom (the GPS) all on our own and found crafters heaven! This was a little shopping place, only 12 shops in all, but..... amongst the 12- a quilt shop, a coffee shop, a scrapbooking shop and a wine shop! What more could a girl want?
The quilt shop was very olde worlde, just beautiful-lots of Amy Butler stuff. The coffee was OK ( We have such good coffee in NZ!).
The scrap shop, The Mad Scrappers was so cool! It was set out in subjects, rather than product brands. I really liked it! If you were looking for ideas for, say, teenage boys or travel, neat stuff was all together. Needless to say, the visa took a hammering! I took my camera out to take some photos, but the battery was still in the charger back at the hotel. Bummer! I might have to go back - just to get photos, of course!
Finally, I couldnt head for home, in the hot Arizona sun!, without checking out the wine shop! They even had a couple of NZ wines, but I thought I should try local ones.
My favourite shopping place, so far!!

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