10 March, 2009

The Bettle!

Saturday – Time to rent a car! Very scary! I was so scared of driving it, but we went around the same block half a doz times, then got the courage to hit the 4 lane road, 1km back to the hotel.
Check it out in the photo! A bettle! It must be the smallest car on the road. Some of utes are so big! One drove in front of me, bumper to bumper, at the gas (not petrol) station and I was looking straight at its grill!
Anyway we decided to be very brave and drive up the Freeway to a Pioneer Ranch for a dinner and entertainment that we were given tickets to. We had a great evening. The village was cool and we met some neat people, mostly dressed in cowboy outfits. The entertainment was great, a country and western band, a Native Indian dancer, American wrestling,hay wagon ride, an incredible magician and the most amazing guy riding a buffalo and doing tricks. Mike had a go at lassoing and we had a gun fight ( quick draw!). By the way, I have been doing all the driving and Mike and the Tomtom give me directions!

Today we wanted to go to the Botannical gardens, but after driving 40mins on the bravest of freeways ( some 8 lanes wide)and city roads we got there, joined a queue (in the car) only to find out there was a special show on for ticket holders only. So we went next door (after driving around the block and having a couple of scary car moments) to the zoo. So we enjoyed an afternoon along with the other 60,000 people there! We might try and go to the gardens later in the week because the special show of glass sculptures looks amazing.

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