17 March, 2009

Grand Canyon! So Grand!!

We arrived at the Canyon about 10 o’clock. We were driving along and suddenly got a glimpse through some trees. Wow! It just about takes your breath away. Suddenly, there are all these mountains, except that they are in a canyon below you! and go as far as you can see. We parked and walked around the tracks, which are only a few metres (and sometimes less than a metre) from the edge. Most of the track is unfenced! You would not take young children there, unless like one young couple who had them on a string! My stomach still turns when I think of looking down. I don’t think I could ever go on that glass walkway they have on the East side (5 hours driving away!)
The views, the whole thing, is totally awe inspiring! So majestical!
We took lots of photos, but when you look at them they don’t show what it is really like, as the mountains blend into one another and there is no concept of the depth -7-8000 ft! We took one photo of a helicopter going down and then landed, but in the photo we cant see the helicopter or the buildings, and in the photo, the bottom looks close.
Anyway we walked for about 3 hours and then caught the shuttlebus back to our car park.
We stopped for a late lunch snack- pecan pie and coffee- and headed south.

Someone had said we need to go to a little place called Jerome. It is an old mining town on the side of a hill that has become very trendy. The winding road up really tested my left-hand driving skills and my knuckles were white from clenching the steering wheel by the time we got there! But it was worth it. So cool! Cute little shops, bars and restaurants. We would loved to have stayed for a little shopping and dinner, but I didn’t fancy driving back down that hill in the dark and then navigating back to the main freeway, esp when I was getting tired! All in all, a good decision because it was dark most of the 2 hour drive home and the freeway was so busy! Cars and trucks scooting past beetle at 140km/hr can be a little intimidating in the dark!!

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